People often ask me how did I get into this line of work. What I tell them is that ever since I was a young boy I have loved music, all kinds of music. I used to listen to my parents albums all the time. Eventually they started to buy me my own records. When I was in high school I heard that the senior class was trying to plan a Valentine's dance. By this time I had a good collection of albums and 45 rpm's so I volunteered to help with the music and I also happened to know a bit about hooking up stereo equipment. After that fateful night I was hooked. I soon convinced my parents to allow me to buy some DJ equipment of my own and off I went. I started to do all of the school dances. The money that they paid me went towards buying new music. After high school I started to do private parties and weddings and I haven't stopped.

While attending college I spent a summer at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting where I learned how to be a radio DJ. I received my FCC license and started to work at some small radio stations in the area. Being on the radio was great but it wasn't that same as being face to face with people. There is something special about seeing a group of people getting together on the dance floor and having fun.

I have been a part of hundreds of functions of all different types and sizes. I have traveled all over New England, from the shores of York, Maine and Cape Cod to the busy cities of Boston and Providence, RI. I have been at elegant weddings and relaxed backyard parties and everything in between. I have met thousands of people throughout the years and I have a million memories.

Thank you for visiting my website and hopefully we will be working together soon.

Patrick McIntyre
Owner / Operator

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