"The first day of your life together as husband and wife… make it special."

It is my job to combine my years of professional experience, technical expertise and musical knowledge to create a wedding reception that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Over the years I have gained the experience necessary to successfully guide your wedding reception from beginning to end. This allows you and your new spouse time to relax and enjoy your reception. I work closely with your photographer, caterer and videographer to make sure that everything goes as you have planned it. I tactfully guide your guests from your Formal Introduction, Cutting of the Cake, First Dance and any other special events or traditions you wish to include.

Prior to the big event we will work together to design your reception based on your ideas and preferences. All throughout this process you are the boss, I merely share with you the things I have seen over the years. You and your spouse to be have the final say on everything. I will also ask for (2) lists - a 'Play' list and a 'Do Not Play' list.

During the reception I am appropriately attired in a conservative suit. I chose to not wear a tuxedo. The reason behind this is that I would much rather look more like a guest than a member of the bridal party. I do not take any breaks unless you request that one be taken. I also do not partake in the meal. I prefer to be 100% focused on maintaining the flow of music during dinner and keeping the volume at an appropriate level.

Requests are always welcome and I encourage people to tell me what they want to hear. After all, who knows what your family and friends enjoy better then your family and friends. Throughout the reception I work hard to get your guests to come out onto the dance floor but I never cross the line of being a pest.

Patrick McIntyre
Owner / Operator

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